Metal Fabrication
for High-tech Industries

Located in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Atlantic Steel Fabricators is positioned in the High-Tech belt just north of Boston. The area serves industrial businesses with convenient freight companies and is easily found off Interstate 93.

For over 25 years we have specialized in all areas of custom and precision metal fabrication with our extraordinary range of capabilities. Custom fabrication & prototype work can range from 1 or 2 units, while production can range from 100's to 10,000's.

We are equipped to fabricate such items as custom weldments, platforms, tanks/vessels, tubular frames, wall coverings, floor troughs, filtration systems, process piping systems, conveyor sections, hoppers or any custom metal fabrication work specific to your industry.

High Volume Production Parts & Prototypes

  • High volume production parts range from quantities of 100's to 1000's of pieces at a run.

High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces

  • Double walled construction for allowing high pressure cooling. These furnaces are custom designed for coating an array of materials and operate at high temperatures up to 4500 degrees fahrenheit.

Catalytic Destructs

  • Advanced ozone destruct systems use a catalyst to decompose ozone to safe levels. This is done via the exothermic conversion of ozone in off-gas produced in a wide variety of applications, including: semiconductor wafer manufacturing, municiple water, ultrapure water, wastewater treatment & chemical processing.

Insulation Cages

  • Allows hot zone of a vacuum chamber to minimize distortion of product & exhibit excellent oxidation resistance. Usually constructed from nickel based alloys, they are very useful for hot wall type furnaces.


  • Includes polishing (to a mirror finish), brush grain fininshing done with variuos grit sanding products. Hot dip galvinizing used for outdoor purposes, powder coating, painting, & chroming.

MIG, TIG, and
Stick Welding

  • Welding plays an important role in metal design & fabrication. Our Talented welders specialize in thin walled as well as heavy walled projects. They are capable of a wide variety of welding applications with many complex alloys.

Water Jet Cutting

  • Using abrasive water jet technology, we can cut complex shapes at very accurate tolerances within ±0.003". The Water Jet System is the most productive solution for cutting a wide range of materials from 1/16in to over 10in thick.

Precision Machining

  • Conventional (done manually) and CNC 3 axis milling & turning which is run by computer to ensure precise production parts.

Bend/Roll Forming

  • Allows metal to be formed with tooling dies in a press brake to any angle or degree. Rolling is done by plate rolls which roll flat plate into round shapes such as cylinders.


  • Punches holes with tooling dies instantly under intense pressure. All sizes and shapes and to any diameter.

Plasma Cutting

  • Mix of air and electricity/heat to cut various shapes out of metal plate to 1" thick capacity.